Welcome to our website. This policy applies to intoproxy.com website and service and describes how personal information is handled by us. Your privacy is very important to us so please read this policy in order to understand how the collected information is used.

1. We reserve the right to make changes or to replace this policy as our service is changing and improving over time. The last change is documented at the top of this page. As long as you are using the service please maintain accurate email contact information so that we can inform you about changes regarding this privacy policy and regarding the terms of service.

2. We collect very little information about users and we do collect data in order to be able to operate our service. We collect the following information: username, email address, PayPal account, billing information. This allows us to identify you, to create your account and to communicate with you when needed. We also collect on our server logs your IP address and info regarding your session access like connection date and accessed page.
Please note that oldest logs are periodically erased.
We also receive information about what device and software you are using to connect to our service (e.g.: device/ OS/ browser).
We collect this information in order to be able to maintain and improve our service and to be able to add or balance the servers offered.

3. We do not sell or make public the information to others. We may disclose or share information in case of legal requests or in case we believe that is necessary to take action against illegal activities.

4. We use the standard technologies on the web to protect you data like SSL encryption. We take reasonable measures in order to protect your data and our systems, however on the internet data cannot be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Therefore you acknowledge that you accept to transmit your data at your own risk.

5. Please contact us via email for technical support or any other request that you might have regarding your account:


We will contact you regarding payment, your account status and when we wish to offer information regarding our service.