PPTP VPN Configuration

Open System Preferences, then click on the Network icon.
Click on the + icon Create a new service in the bottom-left corner.
Make the following choices in the pop-up window:
Interface:           must be VPN
VPN Type:          must be PPTP
Service Name: type any name for your VPN connection. E.g.: intoProxy VPN
Click Create
For this new VPN connection add:
Server address: enter any VPN server name from our list.
Account name: enter your intoProxy username.
Tick the option: Show VPN status in menu bar.
Hint: Please type your intoProxy username correctly including any capital letters it might contain.
Click on Authentication settings...
And enter your intoProxy password.
Click on Advanced...
and tick the option: Send all traffic over VPN connection
then click Ok to close the window.
Hint: Don't forget the step above. It's important for a proper VPN configuration.
Click Apply to finish the configuration.
Then click Connect to activate the VPN connection.