Configure the iPad or iPhone VPN Connection

Find and tap the Settings icon on your iPhone or iPad.
In the left panel tap on General.
In the right panel scroll down until you reach VPN
and tap on the VPN option.
Tap Add VPN Configuration... in order to start configuring the VPN connection.
Hint: You can edit the settings for already defined VPN connections by pressing the information icon (i) next to the VPN connection name.
Select PPTP. It's important to make this selection.
Fill out the VPN configuration form as follows:
Description Any name you wish like: intoProxy VPN
Server Enter any VPN server name from our list.
Account type your intoProxy username
Password: type your intoProxy password
Send All Traffic     has to be active (green position)
Tap Save in the top-right corner of this window.
Hint: Please type your intoProxy username correctly including any capital letters it might contain.
You can now connect to the VPN server.
In the main settings screen you will notice the VPN option.
Tap on it to activate the VPN connection (green position).
Hint: Please note that the VPN option appears only if a VPN connection is configured on your device.