Configure the VPN Connection on Android Streamig Boxes

Find and tap the Settings icon on your Android device. Then find and tap More... or More networks to open the VPN configuration page.
Tap VPN to start the VPN configuration.
To add a VPN connection, tap the + icon in the top-right part of the screen.
Hint: You can edit the settings for already defined VPN connections by long-pressing the already defined VPN connection name.
Fill out the VPN configuration form as follows:
Name Type any name you wish like: intoProxy VPN
Type PPTP must be selected.
Server address     Enter any VPN server name from our list.
Tap Save to finish the configuration.
Now you can connect to the VPN server.
Tap on the VPN connection name which is probably called intoProxy....
Enter your intoProxy username and password.
Tick the option Save account information.
and press Connect
Hint: Please type your intoProxy username correctly including any capital letters it might contain.
When the VPN connection is successful the VPN icon appears at the top of the screen in the notifications bar.