PS3 Proxy Configuration

Start your PS3 and open the Settings menu.
then open Network Settings.
Select your existing network connection,
then press the right button and scroll through the screens until you see Proxy Server.
Select Use and press the X button.
In the field named Address/URL enter any proxy server address from our locations page.
In the field named Port enter any proxy server port from our locations page.
Example: Proxy Server Address:
and Port: 80
Press the right button to continue and leave the other settings unchanged.
You will now see a summary of your settings,
press the X button to save the settings.
Authenticate your IP.
Use your computer or tablet to open the following link and login using your intoProxy username and password:
Hint: During authentication make sure that your computer or tablet is connected to the same router as your PS3.
Now you can test the connection by selecting Test Connection.