Chrome Proxy Configuration

Use the intoProxy extension for Chrome. It helps you quickly change and access the Proxy Servers.

Click here to add the intoProxy extension to Chrome

Or Else

In Chrome menu click Preferences in order to open the settings page.
Click on the link: Show advanced settings
Scroll down to the Network paragraph.
Click on Change Proxy Settings... in order to open the Network window.
Select Network Proxy from the left panel
Change the Method to Manual in order to enable the proxy fields.
In the fields named HTTP Proxy enter any proxy server address and port from our locations page.
Do not forget to enter the same Proxy server and Port in the fields named HTTPS Proxy

Hint: Please type the Proxy Server Address in the first field and the Port in the second field.
Example Proxy Server Address:
and Port: 80
Click Apply system wide, to finish the configuration.