Android Proxy Configuration

Find and tap the Settings icon on your Android device.
Tap on the Wi-Fi icon.
Long tap on the active Wi-Fi connection.
and choose Modify network....
Tick the option Show advanced options in order ti display the proxy settings.
Scroll down and find the Proxy section.
Select Manual
Scroll down and find the proxy configuration fields.
In the field named Proxy hostname enter any proxy server address from our locations page.
In the field named Proxy Port: enter any port from our locations page.
Example: Proxy hostname:
and Port: 80
Scroll down and tick the option Authenticate server.
And enter your intoProxy username and password.
Hint: Please type your intoProxy username correctly including any capital letters it might contain.
Tap Save to finish the configuration.
Hint: In some cases the Save button is not active. If you encounter this problem, please scroll to the IP address field, write or memorize the numbers present there and type them again in this field and save the settings.