How Windows Browsers Use Proxy Configurations

By intoProxy,

This guide describes how proxy settings work on Windows computers, it shows which browsers share the proxy configuration and which browsers can use their own separate proxy configuration.

The advantage of configuring only one browser is that you can choose when to use intoProxy or not. You won’t need to fiddle with the configuration in order to switch the proxy ON or OFF, simply pick different browsers for different needs.

Proxy Tips for Windows Browsers

By default Google Chrome, Opera, Edge and Internet Explorer use the same proxy settings which can be configured in Windows under Proxy or LAN Settings . This means that the above mentioned browsers will share the same proxy settings so at one time they are either all configured or not configured to use a proxy.

Firefox however uses it’s own proxy settings so it can be configured separately.

Additionally, proxy extensions change how browsers use the proxy settings. When you add the intoProxy extension to Chrome, you will be able to configure Chrome independently from other browsers on your computer. Besides being easy-to use the fact that you can set the proxy only for Chrome it’s another reason to get the intoProxy extension.



For more freedom in choosing when to use proxies and when to browse directly we recommend to configure the proxy in Firefox or to add the proxy extension in Chrome. This gives you the option to access the internet directly when using the native browser Edge or Internet Explorer.


Do you need to install a browser mentioned above?

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