intoProxy’s Chrome Extension

By intoProxy,

We just updated our Proxy Extension for Chrome. It offers a great way to manage your proxy location and IP address in Chrome.

Another advantage is that the proxy configuration is done only in Chrome, so you have the freedom to use other browsers to go directly to the Internet.

So please visit the Webstore and get the extension for Chrome


You can see below how the extension works in your browser. Users of Shared Proxy Accounts can choose between servers located in UK, US, Canada, Netherlands, Germany and Australia.



The Change IP button allows you to cycle through the IP addresses available in your selected location. Behind each location we assigned multiple IP addresses for you to choose from.



And don’t forget to subscribe for an intoProxy account

Get a Shared Proxy Account in order to access all Proxy servers available in UK, US, CA, NL, DE, etc.

Get a Private Proxy Account and choose your private IP address from US or UK.

Get a Proxy + VPN account in order to access all our shared Proxy and VPN servers.